Saturday, 19 November 2011

Space Nails!

Hey guys! Today I’m showing you a galaxy/space manicure! I’ve seen more and more girls wearing this and I wanted to try it out for myself. I was a bit afraid to wear it because it isn’t immediately clear what it is. But I love how it looks! BTW, I got a portable photo studio so that I can take accurate pictures even when it’s dark outside but I’m still experimenting with the light. My hands look rather orange but the manicure is very colour accurate, and that’s what counts right?

Anyway, I used this tutorial to help me achieve this look. It’s a lot less complicated than it looks, you just need a lot of colours. The only thing I did differently was that I used eyeshadow brushes instead of a piece of a cleaning sponge because I think it is a lot easier that way.  I also didn’t have a fine glitter polish so I mixed a bit of Colour Club’s Hocus Pocus with topcoat until I got the effect that I wanted.

 Polishes used, from left to right: Rimmel lycra pro - blue vogue; Chine Glaze - Rose tea; Chine Glaze - Snow; Catrice - London; Colour Club - Bewitching; Colour Club - Hocus Pocus; Rimmel pro super wear topcoat

So what do you guys think? Have you tried this manicure before?

Monday, 14 November 2011

How to fix a broken nail

Broken nails. It happens to all of us. When you have long nails it could mean that you have to cut down all your nails, how horrible! But luckily there is an easy method that allows you to glue the fracture together again and make it last. ( simply gluing it together won’t last. ) All you need is some nail glue, a teabag and scissors. Follow these 7 easy steps to fix your broken nail and continue to have long, beautiful nails.

1.       Use nail polish remover and clean the nail, even if you are not wearing any polish

2.       Use some glue on the nail to glue the fracture, you only have to apply this on the fracture itself. It doesn’t matter what brand of nail glue you use. The ones who have a brush are easier to use but you can also apply a bit on the flat side of an orange stick in order to have more control of the application. If possible, apply some glue on the inside of the nail as well, just to be sure.  Let the glue dry completely.

3.       Now get a teabag and cut the top off. Remove all the tea and unfold the bag.

4.       It should look like the first picture below. As you can see, there is a ridge in the middle where the two ends of the “fabric” ( don’t really know how to call it )are glued together. You can easily open it by gently pulling the ends away from each other. Now you have the fabric we’ll use to make the glue last, as shown on the second picture below. Don’t worry, this piece will go a long way so you don’t have to waste more tea ;)

5.       Cut off a small piece that will cover the fracture. Some girls glue a large piece onto the whole nail but that is really unnecessary. Just make sure the piece will cover the whole width of the nail, and the fracture of course.

6.       Now add a small layer of glue on the fracture again, make sure there is enough glue to stick the fabric on. Stick the piece of fabric on top of your nail and make sure the whole fraction is covered. Add another layer of glue on top of the fabric, make sure the whole fabric has glue on it. It should become more transparent when you do this. Let this dry completely.

7.       Now all you need to do is gently file the glue part so that it becomes smooth and is on the same level as the rest of the nails. When you add a layer of basecoat you can hardly see that you did anything to your nail.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Ssssnake manicure!

Hey guys! Today I’m wearing this amazing snakeskin manicure. I’ve seen a few girls wearing this before and I love how edgy it looks. I’ve even seen a blogger who put actual shed snakeskin on top of her nail polish! Although it looked amazing, the idea of sticking the skin of some creature on your nails is a bit much for me. So I looked through my imageplates and found the snakeskin design on BM 215.

I tried different colour combinations to see what would look best. At first I thought a duo chrome would look nice but I ended up using Herôme – Bangkok, a dark brown with copper glass flecks, on top of China Glaze – 2030, a gold foil. And I love the result! It definitely looks like snake skin but it is still quite wearable. I was afraid it would look tacky but because of the gold it actually looks rather classy!

So what do you think?

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

I'm back! & Emerald Sparkled's Reflets D'or manicure

Hey guys! It’s been way too long, I know! Let me explain what happened. I had already made a few Halloween manicures in advance and I stored all of the pictures on my USB stick which I had for years.  I usually store them on my computer but for some reason I didn’t do that now. Then my USB stick decided to break! I tried everything I could to fix it somehow but I couldn’t. The worst part was that I also stored a lot of papers and assignments on it that I had made at school or at my boyfriend’s. And now they were gone, hours of work gone only a few days before the deadline. So I had to work until late at night to re-write all of them so that I could hand them in on time, and I also had an exam week coming up so I spend the time after that studying. So unfortunately there was no time left for blogging L But I’m back now! 

So today I’m showing you a manicure that was originally done by Emerald Sparkled and I fell in love with it the second I saw it. I absolutely love Chanel: it’s so classy and stylish! So after seeing this I went on a mission trying to get these little metal decals and I finally found a webshop that sold them a few weeks ago. So I tried to copy the manicure as well as I could, but hardly as perfect as she did.

I used Color Club’s bewitching and China Glaze – 2030 for this manicure. 2030 is an amazing golden metallic polish that doesn’t look as yellow as most gold polishes do and it’s perfect for stamping!  I didn’t paint my thumb nail gold and painted the Chanel decal black because I tried it and failed a couple of times.

Thumb detail

So do you like this manicure? Have you tried anything similar yourself?

-          Steffie

Monday, 17 October 2011

Halloween Manicure: Cast a Spell

I am so excited to show you this manicure! I ordered Color Club’s “Cast a spell’, a set from their 2010 “Bewitching” collection. It includes 4 mini polishes and a sheet of Halloween themed nail art stickers.

·         “Bewitching” is a black crème that is opaque after just one coat

·         “Spellbound” is a neon orange crème that needs quite a few coats but has an intense colour.

·         “Charmed I’m sure” is a purple crème filled with purple and red glass flecks

·         “Hocus Pocus” contains thousands of holographic glitters and is the most beautiful glitter nail polish in my stash. This is truly a must have!

To create this look I used all of the polished and quite a few of the stickers. I was surprised by the great quality of the stickers. I usually don’t use nail stickers because they tend to break when you try to get them off the sheet, or the ends curl up etc. But none of this happened with these stickers.  I also like the “gems” on these stickers, they look like actual rhinestones but they’re flat so you won’t get stuck with your nails.

Thumb detail

I hope you guys liked this manicure!

-          steffie

Friday, 14 October 2011

Halloween manicure: Black Widow nails

I’ve seen a lot of spider web manicures for Halloween, but most of them have spider webs on all of the nails. To me, that’s a little too much. I came up with this design which is a bit more simplistic, but still looks good!

I bought Essence – fateful desire, it’s a rich crème that looks tomato red in daylight, but appears a lot darker in synthetic light. I used 3 layers and then stamped the spider web and spider design from BM 13 on my nails using Konad Special Polish in black and white. I topped it off with a dot of China Glaze – Riveter rouge on the spider.

I hope you like it!

-          Steffie

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

China Glaze Haunting set

Today I’m reviewing this year’s Halloween set by China Glaze. Unfortunately, I missed out on last year’s set so I was super excited when I got this one. The set is part of the Haunting collection and includes 4 full size bottles. I chose this set rather than buying some of the polishes separately because the other polishes didn’t seem that special to me. This set contains four bottles: one nail polish, one crackle polish, one fast drying topcoat and one glow in the dark topcoat. I have to say that I would have rather had another polish instead of the fast drying topcoat but it’s a nice set anyway.

1.       It’s Alive!

This is such a unique nail polish, I’ve never seen anything like it! It’s a moss green crème packed with both micro glitter and  glitter. It looks amazing but it is really hard get off your nails. So when you don’t paint your nails perfectly and spill a bit over your cuticles, it’s almost impossible to clean it up without removing all the nail polish. ( As you can unfortunately see on the picture, sorry! )

2.       Black Mesh

This is my first crackle nail polish. Ever. I’ve never bought one because I’m just not that enthusiastic about the effect. It looks so messy, like you’ve been walking around with the same nail polish for weeks and it’s chipped all over. However, for Halloween themed nails I absolutely love it! I did find it a bit hard to apply though. It cracks within a few seconds and it makes it really hard to apply it perfectly.

3.       Fast Forward Topcoat

I applied this topcoat over It’s alive and it does really dry very fast. It also smoothes out even the grittiest glitter, something many top coats fail to do. But it also has some downsides. First is the smell. I don’t really care about strong smells, as long as the product is good, but this one smells like 10 year old breath mints where dropped in some sort of chemical fluid. And another downside that I am just not willing to compromise on is that it did cause some shrinkage.

4.       Ghoulish Glow

 The little ghost is so cute!
This is a very interesting topcoat. China glaze sold this one before and I think this is a new and improved version. It’s a milky crème that hardly takes away the colour of the polish you’re wearing underneath. I really like that because I’ve seen glow in the dark polishes before and they usually have a weird colour that I don’t like. You need about two to three coats for the glow in the dark effect to be really visible. I’m really impressed by this! This topcoat is great for Halloween parties!

Unfortunately, my camera didn’t want to capture the glow in the dark effect. I even tried filming it so that I could take a still from it but sadly this didn’t work. If you want to see a picture of the effect you can go to this blog to see one.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Halloween manicure: Rimmel 60 seconds - 610 Pompous

So today I’m going to show you a nail polish that I think looks rather mysterious. It’s a rich purple cream that is packed with blue, red and champagne micro glitter. I absolutely love this colour!
I got it for free a few days back when I bought another Rimmel nail polish and I was amazed at how interesting the colour is. This is definitely one of those polishes that is amazing on its own.

This colour looks great whatever the occasion but as soon as I applied it, it reminded me of a mysterious Victorian woman. One that lives in a house that has a hidden room behind the bookcase in the library. ( I do have quite the imagination don’t I? )

I think any modern ór old fashioned witch would love to wear this nail polish! What do you think?

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Halloween manicures: Fall colours

I wanted to start off with something more neutral because Halloween is still quite a while away. This manicure is great for any time during fall and it’s not too “out there”. It would feel weird to wear obvious Halloween nail art like jack-o-lanterns and ghosts on my nails at the very beginning of October, also because the weather has been almost tropical here for the last few days.

 I started off with three coats of Herôme Bangkok, a thick black cream with bronze glass flecks. Then I used the leaves design from BM04 in several colours over my nails. I used Colour Club – Rebel Debutante and Colour Club – Spellbound. The hardest part of this manicure was to think about where to stamp the design on the nails so that it looked good. I’m not happy with some of my nails but I like the overall look.

- Steffie

Friday, 30 September 2011

Halloween announcement!

I just absolutely love Halloween. I like the scary stories, the decorations, the macabre music and the overall eerie feel of it. Unfortunately Halloween isn’t really celebrated here. You can buy some decorations and themed candy but it’s not an official holiday. Yet I have always celebrated Halloween with one of my oldest friends: we have a sleepover and watch scary movies while we eat marshmallow eyeballs or liquorice bats. Because I have this strange need to celebrate Halloween, I decided I wanted to do a whole series of Halloween themed manicures!

I wish I had some of these! Unfortunately I can't seem to find them anywhere :(

This means that during the month of October I will upload Halloween themed manicures only. Some manicures might be rather obvious, others more indirect. I will show you nail art but also just polishes that look good on their own. I will also swatch some Halloween themed nail polish sets.

I hope you guys are as excited as I am! Look out for my first post tomorrow!

-          Steffie

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Herôme “professional” nail advice and manicure

Last week I got a coupon from Douglas, a high standard perfumery, for a free professional nail advice and manicure by Herôme professionals. I could even keep the bottle of nail polish afterwards. Herôme is a high quality Dutch nail care and nail polish brand, so I was really looking forward to it. I went there in the afternoon, around 3.30 p.m., hoping that It wouldn’t be that crowded, but unfortunately there were a lot of people waiting for it already. I had to wait for almost one and a half hour before it was my turn. During that I was looking at the customers who already got their advice and manicure and I saw that they got full attention from the specially hired employees. They were allowed to try just about all of their products and all of their questions were answered.

Unfortunately my experience wasn’t  positive at all. When it was finally my turn, one of the two employees said that she was going on a break so I had to wait even longer. After waiting for another ten minutes, a regular employee sat down and told me that she would help me. I would have rather been helped by one of the professionals but I had waited for so long that I just said down. She examined my nails and asked me why they were yellow. I told her that I use nail polish every day and that is why they are a little yellow. She was acting like my nails were really yellow, even though it really isn’t that bad. She then grabbed a nail buffer and furiously started buffing my nails for a long time. I actually had to stop her because I was afraid she was going to file off all of my nail! After that she quickly put on some basecoat and started painting my nails, which was even worse.

I know that one should leave a small gap between the cuticles and the nail polish, but she only painted about 80% of my nails! I’ve never seen anyone who had gaps like these on her nails and it just looked plain ugly and unprofessional. To me it looked like a child had painted my nails. She then tried to apply topcoat but didn’t load up the brush enough so she ended up dragging the brush over my nail polish.

On my ringfinger you can clearly see that she dragged the brush over the nail polish

Here you can see how uneven the outlining is and what a huge gap she left between my cuticle and the nail polish

I am really disappointed because I  like the brand and I was  looking forward to trying out their products. I removed the nail polish as soon as I got home. Fortunately, the nail polish itself is actually quite nice and I will swatch it soon.

-          Steffie


After filing a complaint on their website, Douglas contacted me by phone to apologize for the inconvenience. The store manager from my local Douglas told me that she wanted to give me a present to apologize for the situation. I went to the store and they gave me 4 Herôme products: Nourishing Nail Oil, a Corrector pen, Caring Nail Polish Remover and 24 Hour Protection Hand Crème ( with a total worth of €38,92 ). 

They were very kind and apologized even more. I have to say that I am very happy about the way they handled the situation: they gave me a very expensive set of products because I wasn’t happy about a free treatment!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Review: Konad Nail ( Polish? ) Remover

Using acetone free nail polish removers is a lot better for your nails and cuticles because acetone can cause them to get dry. However, I’ve noticed that acetone free remover doesn’t remove my nail polish as quick as a nail polish remover that does contain acetone. So I’m always on the lookout for a nail polish remover that contains acetone but moisturizes my skin anyway. And that is exactly what Konad Nail Remover promises.  The back reads:

“Mild acetone formula moisturizes your nails with keratin protein that prevents nails from becoming dry. It is perfumed, so when used it leaves a sweet strawberry smell.”

When I got the package I was intrigued by how cute the bottle looks. The pink bottle looks super girly and the smell is very sweet. But I don’t find the bottle very practical: it has a child protection lid which can lead to leaking and the opening is rather small so it is hard to get the product on a cotton pad.

The back states that one has to press the cotton with the remover on the surface and holding it for a moment before stroking it over the nail. So I did and I have to say, I’m not impressed. I took me a lot longer to get the polish off than it would have with my normal non-acetone remover. The cotton pad got really sticky after two nails and I found it nearly impossible to remove the small bits of polish in the corners of my nails.

However, I don’t feel completely negative about this product. I doesn’t have the qualities I look for in a nail polish remover which I use to remove all the nail polish from my nails, but I have found a use for it. Whenever I stamp my nails with Konad I use a topcoat over my nail polish so that when I fail to stamp correctly, I can still remove the design without ruining my nail polish. But I often do ruin it because I stroked the cotton pad over my nails too many times. And that’s when this remover comes in handy! In a situation like that, you want a remover that doesn’t remove the polish to easily so that the rest of the polish isn’t ruined.

So, in conclusion, I wouldn’t buy this for any other reason than to use it to remove failed Konad designs on your nails. What brand of nail polish remover do you use? And does is contain acetone or not?

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Hand and nail care: the basics!

Before I started to properly care for my nails, they were soft and brittle. They would break off after just showing a bit of white and I was extremely frustrated. Then I started this routine and the quality of my nails has improved a lot! They still break every now and then but this is mostly from slamming my nail in between the door or something like that. I also always wear nail polish to protect my nails from breaking even more. If you want your nails to look healthy and be strong these tips and products will definitely help you to achieve that!  

1.       Filing your nails

The first thing to do is to step away from nail clippers. Filing your nails is a lot better for your nails because your nails will not break as much. Clipping your nails will stress them and therefore they will break more likely. Buying a good quality nail file is a must when you want nice looking and long nails.

Glass nail files are the best choice because they last much longer than a normal file and you’ll have less tears and splits. Glass files are rather expensive but they are really worth it. I’ve noticed that drugstores are selling cheap glass files that only cost only a few Euros but you will want to buy one from a good nail care brand. I bought one by Herôme, a Dutch brand, for €17,-. ( They also sell a smaller size which is €9,99. ) File your nails while wearing a dark nail polish, this way you won’t be distracted by asymmetrical nail beds while trying to get your desired shaped.

P2's four way buffer and Herôme's glass nail file

Getting a four way nail buffer is also a necessity. Since my nails used to be rather soft and weak, I don’t use this very often but sometimes you can just tell that you need to smoothen your nails. Don’t overdo this though! It could make your nails very thin.

 2.       Cuticle care.

Your cuticles are very important for nail growth and if they are in a bad shape, it will show on your nails. Moisturized cuticles protect your nails from bacteria and cutting them could lead to infections. Rather than cutting them, you should push them back with an orange stick or cuticle pusher. You can  use a cuticle removing cream to remove the excess skin. There are a lot of cuticle removers out there but the one that I think works best is Nfu Oh's Cuticle Remover. I just apply a bit on my cuticles and use a rosewoodstick right after to remove all excess skin.

Nfu oh Cuticle Remover

A good cuticle cream is very important because you want to hydrate your cuticles as much as possible. But why is it important? Massaging cuticle cream onto your cuticle area moisturizes the cuticles and the nail that is already growing underneath the skin. By massaging this part of your fingers, you can stimulate the nail growth!

It doesn’t matter whether you buy a cuticle cream, balm, oil or butter. As long as it is made out of natural oil like flowers or nuts. The first cuticle cream I ever bought was Apricot cuticle cream from P2, a German brand, which was made out of apricot seed oil. After hearing many positive things about Lush’s Lemony Flutter, I decided to get it and I am amazed at what it can do. This is definitely one of the best out there and it will go a long way. Another brand I can recommend is Burt’s Bees cuticle cream.

Lush Lemony Flutter and P2 Apricot cuticle cream

I don’t always carry my cuticle cream with me and when I do want to moisturize my cuticles I often use either my Smith’s Rosebud Salve or, for the cheaper version, Vaseline rosy lips. These are full of flower oils ( especially the Rosebud Salve, it has 4 different flower oils and two flower extracts ) and will help your dry cuticles when you don’t have your cuticle cream with you.

Vaseline rosy lips and Smith's Rosebud Salve

3. Hand care

You can’t have great looking nails with work-worn hands! There are many different kinds of hand crèmes out there and which one you should get depends on what you look for in a hand crème. I use Atrix Soft. This is one of the oldest hand crème brands out there and it makes my hands feel soft.  It absorbs rather fast but the softness lasts for quite some time.

I also recommend using and intense hand crème about 2-4 times a month, depending on the state of your hands and what they are exposed to every day. There are hand crèmes that are especially made to be used at night while wearing cotton gloves. I got P2’s Ultra Intense Hand Butter and p2 cotton gloves and I use this 2 nights a month. You want to apply the crème thickly and leave the gloves on at night.

Atrix Soft, P2 Ultra Intense Hand Butter and P2 cotton gloves

I hope this information has been useful for you, if you have any questions or tips of your own please write them in the comment section!

-     Steffie