Thursday, 18 August 2011

Review: Konad Nail ( Polish? ) Remover

Using acetone free nail polish removers is a lot better for your nails and cuticles because acetone can cause them to get dry. However, I’ve noticed that acetone free remover doesn’t remove my nail polish as quick as a nail polish remover that does contain acetone. So I’m always on the lookout for a nail polish remover that contains acetone but moisturizes my skin anyway. And that is exactly what Konad Nail Remover promises.  The back reads:

“Mild acetone formula moisturizes your nails with keratin protein that prevents nails from becoming dry. It is perfumed, so when used it leaves a sweet strawberry smell.”

When I got the package I was intrigued by how cute the bottle looks. The pink bottle looks super girly and the smell is very sweet. But I don’t find the bottle very practical: it has a child protection lid which can lead to leaking and the opening is rather small so it is hard to get the product on a cotton pad.

The back states that one has to press the cotton with the remover on the surface and holding it for a moment before stroking it over the nail. So I did and I have to say, I’m not impressed. I took me a lot longer to get the polish off than it would have with my normal non-acetone remover. The cotton pad got really sticky after two nails and I found it nearly impossible to remove the small bits of polish in the corners of my nails.

However, I don’t feel completely negative about this product. I doesn’t have the qualities I look for in a nail polish remover which I use to remove all the nail polish from my nails, but I have found a use for it. Whenever I stamp my nails with Konad I use a topcoat over my nail polish so that when I fail to stamp correctly, I can still remove the design without ruining my nail polish. But I often do ruin it because I stroked the cotton pad over my nails too many times. And that’s when this remover comes in handy! In a situation like that, you want a remover that doesn’t remove the polish to easily so that the rest of the polish isn’t ruined.

So, in conclusion, I wouldn’t buy this for any other reason than to use it to remove failed Konad designs on your nails. What brand of nail polish remover do you use? And does is contain acetone or not?

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