Tuesday, 11 October 2011

China Glaze Haunting set

Today I’m reviewing this year’s Halloween set by China Glaze. Unfortunately, I missed out on last year’s set so I was super excited when I got this one. The set is part of the Haunting collection and includes 4 full size bottles. I chose this set rather than buying some of the polishes separately because the other polishes didn’t seem that special to me. This set contains four bottles: one nail polish, one crackle polish, one fast drying topcoat and one glow in the dark topcoat. I have to say that I would have rather had another polish instead of the fast drying topcoat but it’s a nice set anyway.

1.       It’s Alive!

This is such a unique nail polish, I’ve never seen anything like it! It’s a moss green crème packed with both micro glitter and  glitter. It looks amazing but it is really hard get off your nails. So when you don’t paint your nails perfectly and spill a bit over your cuticles, it’s almost impossible to clean it up without removing all the nail polish. ( As you can unfortunately see on the picture, sorry! )

2.       Black Mesh

This is my first crackle nail polish. Ever. I’ve never bought one because I’m just not that enthusiastic about the effect. It looks so messy, like you’ve been walking around with the same nail polish for weeks and it’s chipped all over. However, for Halloween themed nails I absolutely love it! I did find it a bit hard to apply though. It cracks within a few seconds and it makes it really hard to apply it perfectly.

3.       Fast Forward Topcoat

I applied this topcoat over It’s alive and it does really dry very fast. It also smoothes out even the grittiest glitter, something many top coats fail to do. But it also has some downsides. First is the smell. I don’t really care about strong smells, as long as the product is good, but this one smells like 10 year old breath mints where dropped in some sort of chemical fluid. And another downside that I am just not willing to compromise on is that it did cause some shrinkage.

4.       Ghoulish Glow

 The little ghost is so cute!
This is a very interesting topcoat. China glaze sold this one before and I think this is a new and improved version. It’s a milky crème that hardly takes away the colour of the polish you’re wearing underneath. I really like that because I’ve seen glow in the dark polishes before and they usually have a weird colour that I don’t like. You need about two to three coats for the glow in the dark effect to be really visible. I’m really impressed by this! This topcoat is great for Halloween parties!

Unfortunately, my camera didn’t want to capture the glow in the dark effect. I even tried filming it so that I could take a still from it but sadly this didn’t work. If you want to see a picture of the effect you can go to this blog to see one.

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