Wednesday, 9 November 2011

I'm back! & Emerald Sparkled's Reflets D'or manicure

Hey guys! It’s been way too long, I know! Let me explain what happened. I had already made a few Halloween manicures in advance and I stored all of the pictures on my USB stick which I had for years.  I usually store them on my computer but for some reason I didn’t do that now. Then my USB stick decided to break! I tried everything I could to fix it somehow but I couldn’t. The worst part was that I also stored a lot of papers and assignments on it that I had made at school or at my boyfriend’s. And now they were gone, hours of work gone only a few days before the deadline. So I had to work until late at night to re-write all of them so that I could hand them in on time, and I also had an exam week coming up so I spend the time after that studying. So unfortunately there was no time left for blogging L But I’m back now! 

So today I’m showing you a manicure that was originally done by Emerald Sparkled and I fell in love with it the second I saw it. I absolutely love Chanel: it’s so classy and stylish! So after seeing this I went on a mission trying to get these little metal decals and I finally found a webshop that sold them a few weeks ago. So I tried to copy the manicure as well as I could, but hardly as perfect as she did.

I used Color Club’s bewitching and China Glaze – 2030 for this manicure. 2030 is an amazing golden metallic polish that doesn’t look as yellow as most gold polishes do and it’s perfect for stamping!  I didn’t paint my thumb nail gold and painted the Chanel decal black because I tried it and failed a couple of times.

Thumb detail

So do you like this manicure? Have you tried anything similar yourself?

-          Steffie


  1. this looks great =) thank you for mentioning me =) keep up with the awesome work! - Deniz

  2. Hey!

    Thank you so much for your comment! :D xx

  3. sorry, but where did you get these decals? i tried to find any webshops selling them, but failed(

  4. I am trying to find the Chanel decals nail . But not seeing any on wesite.Where can I find them email me Tanya.