Friday, 11 November 2011

Ssssnake manicure!

Hey guys! Today I’m wearing this amazing snakeskin manicure. I’ve seen a few girls wearing this before and I love how edgy it looks. I’ve even seen a blogger who put actual shed snakeskin on top of her nail polish! Although it looked amazing, the idea of sticking the skin of some creature on your nails is a bit much for me. So I looked through my imageplates and found the snakeskin design on BM 215.

I tried different colour combinations to see what would look best. At first I thought a duo chrome would look nice but I ended up using Herôme – Bangkok, a dark brown with copper glass flecks, on top of China Glaze – 2030, a gold foil. And I love the result! It definitely looks like snake skin but it is still quite wearable. I was afraid it would look tacky but because of the gold it actually looks rather classy!

So what do you think?

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