Thursday, 19 January 2012

More news about China Glaze's Magnetix collection!

Hello Ladies,

I have some more pictures from the Magnetix collection! These pictures where just uploaded on the China Glaze Facebook page. Let's start with the nail polish:

China Glaze - Instant Chemistry

China Glaze - You Move Me

China Glaze - Cling on ( Star Trek reference? )
China Glaze - Drawn to You

China Glaze - Pull me Close

China Glaze - Attraction

So what do you guys think? I really like "Pull me Close" and "Instant Chemistry". But I'm sure I'll probably get all of them. I also have some swatches of the magnets for you:

Arrow Magnet over Pull me Close

Lines Magnet over Attraction 

Star Magnet over Instant Chemistry

I love how the lines of the Lines Magnet flow, it looks really interesting. The Arrow Magnet looks a bit odd to me, I don't really see an arrow. 

Are you excited about this collection? Let me know what colours and/or magnets you are getting :)

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