Friday, 6 January 2012

New China Glaze magnetic nail polish!

It’s been way too long I know! I’m sorry :( But I do have a great announcement! China Glaze announced their new magnetic nail polish collection called “Magnetix” on their facebook page. There isn’t a lot of information available but there are some things we can conclude from the picture. They will come with 3 different magnets to create different designs: stripes, a star and a repeated “V” design. I do like these, I haven’t seen the “V” design in other magnetic polish collections yet. It looks like the magnets will be separate and not attached to the bottles. It also looks like they will come with a variety of colours, and not the typical silver, metallic pink and metallic black. So overall I’m really excited about this! I own two magnetic polishes by Essence and I was not happy about the result: It’s impossible to get the result they promise without touching the magnet/ruining your polish. China Glaze usually only delivers the best quality nail polish so I’m sure these will be better! What do you guys think?

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