Tuesday, 19 June 2012

London calling! ( I'm back + UK haul )

I’m back :D I lived in London for the last 2 months. I had to go on a foreign traineeship and I had a wonderful time there! I didn’t want to post it on the blog because you never know what people do with certain information... Anyway I did LOADS of things there and even though I painted my nails, I wasn’t able to take pictures for you guys :( I stayed with a host family and I just didn’t have the right light to paint my nails neatly or take good pictures. I took two ugly pictures of my nails and I’m just going to show you them anyway!

This one I wore during the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. I participated in the festivities, regardless of the horrible weather! I used

Essie – Mezmerised
Essie – Blanc
Chanel – April
Kleancolor – Silver star

Thumb: Marauder's map, Index: Golden Snitch, Middle: Logo, Ring: Gryffindor sweater, Pinky: Lightning bolt

This one needs some explaining. On my last weekend in London I met up with one of my classmates and we visited the ACTUAL HARRY POTTER STUDIOS. Sorry, I get really excited when I talk about it :D It is really hard to get tickets, we got the last ones for one of the weekends during our stay and we booked months before! So it’s basically the actual place where the films were filmed and you can see the actual sets and the actual clothes and props. I grew up with Harry Potter, I was started reading when I was eleven so I was always about the same age as the characters in either the books or the films. I can’t express how much I love the story, even today, so this was really a dream come true for me. I even got to “fly” on one of the actual Firebolts in front of a green screen while watching myself fly around Hogwarts on a TV screen! So obviously, my nails needed to match the occasion! I looked at a lot of other Harry Potter manicures and copied ideas from them, so I didn’t come up with them myself. The polishes I used are:

Essie – Blanc
Essie – Liquorice
China Glaze – 2230
Chanel – April

I didn’t bring a brown and grey polish so I mixed gold and black for the brown footsteps and black and white for the sweater.

AND I didn’t come back empty handed of course! Here are the polishes I bought there:

L.A. Colors mini glitter set 1

L.A. Colors mini glitter set 2

L.A Colors - French Nail-Creme, L.A. Girls - Supernova, L.A. Colors - Jewel-Tone ( also in mini set 2 )

Models Own from L -R: Ibiza Mix, Purple Blue, Indian Ocean, Lemon Meringue, Tropical Sun

Nails Topshop - Gypsy Night, Nails Topshop - Adrenaline, Kiko - 277, Kiko - 245

Rimmel - Hot Shot, Rimmel - Peppermint ( rebuy ), Maxfactor - Fantasy Fire

OPI- DS Extravangance, Ciate - bon bon, Nicole by OPI - Let's get star-ted, Inglot - 204

Barry M from L-R:  Lemon Icecream, Peach Melba, Strawberry Icecream, Pink Iridescent

Barry M from L-R:  Croc nail effect, Inidigo, Cobalt Blue, Blue moon, Mint green

I love how these look when lined up! 

some nail mail: Candy Laquer - Modern Love, Candy Laquer - Rich hearts, Color Club - Mimic, China Glaze - Riveting, Cover Brand - Sticks and Stones

That's all for today!

- Steffie


  1. Omygosh, I'm so jealous of your haul! Especially of Indian Ocean and Fantasy Fire.... drool!

  2. Thank you! It cost me a fortune haha! YES they are absolutely lovely!