Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Pastel rainbow gradient nails

Hey girls,

Yesterday I decided to finally try gradient nails. I've seen hundreds of girls wear these and their nails look stunning! This is my first time so it is far from perfect. I wanted to a very light, girly gradient so I decided to do a pastel rainbow. I have seen this somewhere before but I can't remember the blog.

So this is how I did it: I started off painting all my nails with 2 coats of white ( Essie - Blanc ), added a layer of topcoat and waited for my nails to be completely dry. Then I used a cosmetic sponge and painted all the colours directly onto it. There is no need to blend the colours because you are going to stamp several layers which will blend it anyway. So I started stamping it onto my nails as many times until I was satisfied with the result, reapplying the polish on the sponge every now and then. I wanted to colours to be really soft so I didn't sponge too many layers. When you're done, you have to clean up all around your nails which takes quite a long time. I heard that if you carefully apply some Vaseline around your cuticle, it should be easier to remove so I might try that next time. After cleaning up I finished this manicure with a soft glitter polish.The colours I used where:

China Glaze - Something sweet ( pink )
Models Own - Lemon Meringue ( yellow )
China Glaze -  Re-fresh mint ( green )
Barry M - Blue Moon ( blue )
China Glaze - Light as air ( light purple )
China Glaze - Fairy Dust ( glitter )

The sponge after using it

I really like the outcome! Have you tried gradient nails?

- Steffie


  1. I just stumbled upon your blog and fell in love with your nails and manicures. Great job! I need to try this rainbow gradient, looks so pretty.

    1. Ooh thank you! You should definitely try this, it's so easy! I just had a look at your blog and your nails looks amazing! I just got China Glaze Riveting and haven't tried it yet but after seeing those pictures on your blog I fell in love with it! Have to wear it soon haha ^^ Thanks for your comment! xxx

  2. This is so pretty! Turned out a little better than mine :P Gradient nail tutorial was one of the first posts i ever did on my blog! I'd love for you to check it out :)

    Sophie xx