Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Blue and gold NOTD

Hey girls!

Just a quick NOTD from me today. I was looking through my stash and found this little beauty: Teeez Cool 04. This is a Dutch drugstore brand and to be completely honest, I was drawn to it by the incredibly cute packaging. However, once I wore it I fell in love with this colour! It Is a super bright ice blue. It is very light, leaning a bit towards white but it still definitely looks blue. Although it looks great, it is hard to work with and need lots of clean up afterwards. I wanted to spice it up a little so I decided to try out a plate by Fab ur Nails again, this time QA7. I used China Glaze 2230 for stamping. I love stamping a design at the base of the nail rather than the end of it, I think it looks really flattering.
My cuticles look horrible because of all the acetone to clean up around my cuticles! :( So tonight I'll use an intense hand butter with some gloves to make them nice and soft again.

Where do you like to place your design when you stamp?

- Steffie


  1. steffie your nails look so beautiful! i'm still trying to get into stamping. i'm such a newbie haha (:

    1. Aaw thank you! Stamping is amazing once you get the hang of it! I watched a lot of Youtube tutorials before I started and after a few tries I was hooked! There are even some sneaker designs out there you know ;) Thank you for your comment! xx