Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Essence Colour Arts

Hey girls!

I have super exciting news for you! I’m not sure whether you are familiar with the Essence cosmetic brand. They provide super cheap yet super trendy beauty products for everyone to enjoy. Their nail polish line is quite phenomenal, the 5 ml/0.16 oz bottles cost €1,25 and some are even dupes of high end brands (for example: Blue Addicted is a dupe of Deborah Lippmann – Across the Universe) and some high end brands even copy them! (China Glaze – Fast track is a warmer version of Irreplaceable) Essence has a great core collection of polishes and a great collection of nail art and nail care products, and they come out with a lot of limited editions every season. I was browsing Ooh, Shinies! blog and saw that she announced a new limited edition Essence line that will be available around August 2012 (in some countries September).

The “Trend edition” as they call it is called Essence colour arts and it gives you the change to mix your own colours! The collection consists of pure pigment in different colours and finishes (matte, glitter, shiny) and 3 bases to use them:  an eye base, a lip base and (last but definitely not least!) a nail base! The collection will also include clear mixing jars. According to Ooh Shinies! Blog, there will be 15 pigments and it will be a limited edition only. Then I heard that in Germany there will be 20 pigments and it will become part of the core collection! Now for me it doesn’t really matter much: I do all my drugstore shopping in Germany rather than in The Netherlands. However, I would like to know whether there will be a difference between countries.

Okay so on to the thing you have been waiting for: pictures! Please click them to see the bigger versions.

Pigments will be €2,49 each

Lip base €1,79 each

Eye base €1,79 each

Nail base will be €1,59

Multi tasker to mix the pigments €1,29 each

Mixing jars will be €1,29 per 2

Essence Colour Arts will be available in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, South Africa, Slovenia, Lithuania, Russia, UAE, Egypt, Qatar, Tunisia, Kuwait, Uruguay.

I am really excited about these products! What do you think?

- Steffie

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