Thursday, 12 July 2012

Sailor tattoo nails

Hey girls!

Today I’m wearing an old-school, sailor tattoo inspired manicure. I wanted to use the Konad Q1 plate and it just screams the word tattoo so I started off by painting my nails with Rimmel – Bare Necessities. Then I used several image plates to create this look:

Lightning bolt, swallows, several stars: Konad Q1
Spiderweb: Bundle Monster BM13
Anchor: Bundle Monster BM08
Diamond: Bundle Monster BM09

First I stamped the bigger designs on my nails and then I randomly used the different stars on the Konad plate to fill up the empty spaces in between. I love this look! My boyfriend is a tattoo fanatic so he really liked it as well.

Also, I reorganised my stash yesterday and made a list of all the polishes I own so if you are interested you can click the "nail polish stash" page above to view the list. I took me a few hours to sort all the brands and names in alfabetical order ( I even fell asleep half way through and didn't feel like doing the rest afterwards, but I had to haha! ) Here's a picture of all the bottles on my desk:

Enjoy the weather!

- Steffie

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