Thursday, 2 August 2012

Day 1: Red Nails

I decided to try the 31 day nail challenge! I think this will help me try out new things/colours that I would not have tried otherwise and I think this is a great way to help me be more original and inspired. This challenge was popular last year but I see more and more other Bloggers trying this out now.
This is the challenge:

I’m not going to finish this in 31 days because I think that would be a waste of polish and I don‘t think it is very good for your nails to change your polish every day. So I will post 2 or 3 times a week, as usual. The first few days are specific colours and I realised that I hardly every “just” wear nail polish! I always add some stamping or other nail art to spice it up. So I decided to start off with just a wee bit of nail art and to let the focus be on the polish itself.

So the first day is Red Nails! Although I really like red nails, I don’t have that many red polishes. I think that is because once you have a sparkly, a bright and a dark red you are pretty much good to go. So I had a look inside my stash and found a red polish I never wore before. This polish is called Red Pearl and is from P2’s limited edition Black Deluxe collection. The other two polishes in this collection are breathtaking and this one gets pushed to the back because of this but it is a great polish nevertheless.

It is a medium red with tiny red and gold glass flecks that are only noticeable when the light hits your nails just right. It is very easy to work with and you only need 2 coats for it to be opaque. Unlike P2’s color victim collection, this one actually lasts for about 4 days. I added a little silver bow on my ring fingers and finished the manicure with a coat of Seche Vite.

Do you like red nail polish?

- Steffie


  1. I always see people posting about the 31 day challenge on there blogs. I figured I should find out so I can do it some day. Thank you for posting.

    and yes I like red polish! ;)

    1. Yes it is a great way to challenge yourself! Thank you for commenting! :D xoxo